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We create from the wood that the forest offers us, a range of high-quality products with an ecological and sustainable vision.

The interior spaces that are born from the use of our panels have benefited from an aesthetic finishing, an improvement of acoustic absorption and air quality and a better comfort of the environment.


Composed exclusively of solid wood, Woodslines panels combine the presence of this material with the performance of mineral wool. The result is a fire-retardant product, respectful of the environment, with acoustic absorption properties, resistant to humidity and respectful of the environment.

Modelo WL/H7/38

Modelo WL/V7/68

Modelo WL/V11/68

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Commitment to the environment is one of the fundamental pillars of Woodslines. From the selection of raw materials to the final installation, all our processes are based on sustainability and ecological awareness.

Así de sencilla es la instalación de nuestros paneles